Bracy Tucker Brown & Valanzano is a strategic consulting firm that specializes in helping public, non-profit and corporate clients develop and implement strategies that increase their effectiveness in the Federal policy process. We believe that everyone should have a voice in the policy process, and focus on developing smart, effective, substance-driven and responsible advocacy for our clients.

The policy process is never-ending and constantly in flux. We work in an experienced, focused and determined manner that helps our clients identify their objectives and pursue their goals.

BTBV has over 31 years of experience representing cities. We have a profound and surpassing understanding of the needs of municipalities and in times of financial difficulty we have had storied success in securing funding for local governments. Our other clients include transportation authorities, educational groups, leading corporations, arts organizations, non-profits and coalitions. The common thread is a deep interest in policy and a focus on maximizing impact in the policy sphere while minimizing the impact on the organization’s overall capacity.