Home Energy Assistance

Campaign For Home Energy Assistance

Home Energy Assistance

For over 20 years the firm has managed and run the Campaign for Home Energy Assistance.

The Campaign for Home Energy Assistance is a critical non-partisan advocate working to ensure the LIHEAP program is funded to its fullest level. The Campaign works with states, local governments, utilities and charitable organizations to increase awareness of the importance of energy assistance in communities across the nation.

Since its inception in 1981, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) has evolved into a widely supported, highly effective program that delivers critical short-term aid to our most vulnerable neighbors. LIHEAP is an essential resource for the country’s most underserved populations, including the working poor, those making the difficult transition from welfare to work, disabled persons, elderly and families with young children. LIHEAP is an exceptionally efficient and targeted program, with state block grants flowing to local agencies with specific clients on a short-term basis, providing heating and cooling assistance to roughly 6.7 million households.

We believe strongly in supporting the work of funding the LIHEAP program and encourage you to learn more about the campaign by visiting http://www.liheap.org