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Targeting Issus With Real Solutions

In a world of dizzying complexity and stark challenges, documentary film is increasingly valued as a platform to understand different perspectives, frame issues and generally engage in the world around us. Filmmakers spend years to understand issues, document events and bring these events to life. It’s important for many documentary filmmakers to both reach the largest possible audience but also create platforms for discussions about policy reform and social change. In many cases they are eager for their films to be an opportunity to introduce complicated issues, little known perspectives or compelling individuals who can help shape and guide public awareness and Inside Washington, DC, policymakers and issue advocates are deeply aware that data and metrics are not the only way to think about issues; rather, personal stories and narratives are critical to a deep understanding of increasingly complex issues. On any given issue, several dozen experts exert a remarkable amount of control with the ability to implement reform, fund programs or raise awareness through direct action or a stroke of a pen.

POLICY IN FOCUS serves to build a bridge between those two communities. A project of Washington, DC Public and Government Affairs firm Bracy Tucker Brown & Valanzano, POLICY IN FOCUS builds off of two decades of work at the intersection of creators and public policy. Driven by a passion to support filmmakers, POLICY IN FOCUS is a consultancy that works directly with filmmakers and their support teams to develop and implement customized, targeted policy engagement strategies that maximizes each film’s ability to reach and have an impact with policymakers and other experts who work on issues covered in the film.

Our strategies include:

  1. High visibility screenings and events (including audience q&a sessions and panel discussions)
  1. Direct engagement with targeted policymakers and advocates to maximize the impact of the film in making policy and serving as a resource to allies, and
  1. Strategic integration with filmmakers’ public relations and audience engagement strategies.

Because every filmmaker approaches this work with a different level of ambition, resources and infrastructure POLICY IN FOCUS develops strategies designed to match the goals and capacity of each film. In some cases, we seek to raise awareness of a film through targeted screenings and small group meetings. Often we map issues, identifying policy leaders and advocacy groups that would be excited to use a film as a resource. Sometimes we coordinate with external public mobilization campaigns to leverage investment in publicity and marketing. In all cases, the filmmaker and their team leave the process feeling a sense of confidence that they approached Washington, DC with a sense of intentionality, strategy and purpose that could not have been achieved without the support from POLICY IN FOCUS.


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